The Philips QT4090 Beard Trimmer Review

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Philips QT4090 Review

The brand name Philips hardly demands any introduction to the world. For decades, Philips has been at the forefront of manufacturing home appliances of the highest standards. Quite naturally, when this manufacturing giant decided to enter the realm of personal care products, people all over the world were quite excited to try out what they had to offer us. Well, you are perfectly aware of what happened after that, aren’t you?Philips-QT4090-beard-trimmer-review

Philips took the market by storm with appliances like trimmers, shavers, hair straighteners, etc. The products deliver a stellar performance and are very durable. I have used a dozen shavers and trimmers from Philips, and the quality of the goods have always left me with a big smile on my face. Well, today, I am going to review a beard trimmer, namely the Philips QT 4090 that looks very promising at the first glance itself. Well, men! Go ahead and have a look!

Perfect trim, no mess with superior Vacuum technology
This trimmer from Philips comes with a strong vacuum technology to capture cut off hair. Now, you don’t have to worry at all about the hair falling all over your body or wash-basin while you style your beard. The Philips QT 4090 has been designed to offer a hassle-free trimming experience every time. Among many other features that I loved in this trimmer, the Turbo power boost is a cool one. Well, imagine you are about to go into a client meeting. However, you had a party the previous night and well, you woke up late. Scary, right? The thought of keeping your clients waiting scares the hell out of anyone. But, don’t you worry! The turbo boost button on this gem of a trimmer from Philips will come to your rescue. Just press the turbo boost button and you will notice a significant increase of cutting speed and suction power. So, whenever you need to get over with trimming faster, simply push the turbo boost button

Flexi Comb for a great trimming experience
With the Philips QT 4090, you get a flexible comb that glides over the contour of your face while trimming. No matter how dense your beard is, the flex comb will make sure you always have an even and comfortable trim. Personally, I feel the comb provides a great value to the users. With minimal effort, I can style up my beard and add professional touches at ease. Now, you too can sport a fancy beard that will make the ladies go “woowwwwwwww”, all thanks to this flex comb.

Fantastic ergonomics
The Philips QT 4090 comes loaded with superior ergonomics. The material it’s been made out of, the trimmer offers excellent grip. So, you don’t have to fear about your precious trimmer slipping out of your hand. You know, the feeling you get when you hold something in your hand? Well, this is one of the rare instances where you get a good feeling. The designers must have done an excellent job at crafting the body of this trimmer to perfection.

32 sets of trimming length and stubble comb
With this product, you have the freedom to choose from 32 sets of length from 0.5mm to 18mm. Select the length that works the best for you, lock it and you are ready to go. However, some models from Philips and other brands offer up to 40 sets of trimming length. So, the 32 sets on this one might appear relatively less to a lot of buyers. But, trust me when I say this, you don’t need 40 sets to choose from. You can have a great trim with just one dozen sets of length. So, the 0.5-18 mm feature on this trimmer will work just fine. Coming to the stubble comb, it offers a better trimming experience. The comb has no frontal teeth, and so you will have a better visibility while trimming. Simply apply the tip of this comb at different angles and you will have some fine contours. The comb is ideal for someone who is looking to sport perfect stubble.

Maintenance-free blades
Having maintenance-free products have become the latest trend of late, and the new generation trimmers are no exception to this fact. To make sure you won’t be wasting a lot of time oiling the blades; the trimmer has been engineered with maintenance free blades which are supposed to remain as sharp as new for a long time, like a really long time.

Excellent Portability
The Philips QT 4090 offers an excellent portability. By portability, I mean you can easily take it along on vacations and trips, without having to worry about recharging it again and again. You can easily get a running time of 50 minutes. So rest assured a fully charged QT 4090 trimmer will be good for an entire week, provided you don’t intend to style your beard like Tony Stark. As far as the battery is concerned, it comes with a high-performance Lithium-ion battery which charges faster than a speeding bullet; well, not literally! It will take a little less than an hour for your charging socket to replenish the battery completely, which for all intents and purposes, is fast.

Other Features
It comes with a multi-functional LCD panel to display the device status and other user settings.
The travel lock feature deters the device from turning itself on automatically when you put the trimmer inside one of your travel bags.


With a bouquet of impressive features, the Philips QT 4090 Pro packs some serious punch. Features like the Turbo Boost, Flex comb, and the highly functional LCD panel makes this trimmer ideal for men, who are quite serious about grooming. It comes with a price tag slightly over than 400USD, which according to me is a bit on the higher side. However, the features and performance of the Philips QT 4090 Turbovac is worth your money. So, don’t think any further. Go ahead and pamper yourself with this excellent piece of personal care appliance.

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  1. Tom Woodburn says:

    Very well written review. I was thinking of buying a trimmer that works as well as it looks and your review helped me a lot. I have read a few other reviews but they don’t offer any definite advice. Well,Brad you helped me a lot! I like you strong way of delivering a message.

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