Beards – The Ultimate Sign of Machismo!

How-To Maintain-Your-Beard

Beards – the ultimate sign of machismo!

We all know that, but does it look good when you have rough, sticky, lack- luster beard? Well, to me, that’s a disaster, and I surely believe that it would be pretty much same for all men out there who do care about their beards. While keeping facial hair can enhance your looks and stature, yet shabby, unkempt beard can mar your persona. For me, proper maintenance of my beard has always been an important criterion, and I do take care of my How To Maintain Our Beardsnicely done stubble much more than people generally do.

And belief me, if you want your beard to add to your personality and steal gazes, you must earnestly follow what I am going to suggest below:

Eating well grows long beards .
Charity begins at home, and if you want to ensure that your beard maintains its shine and luster all the time, it is important that you follow a healthy diet. Greenies and fruits are a must have if you want to ensure that your hair follicles grow thick and well, is nourished from within.

Sleep well and avoid stress.
For many of you, this may seem to be an unlikely possibility, but take it from me, stress severely damages the strength of the hair follicles, thus damaging your beard over time. Good 6-7 hours of sleep will help the follicles to grow stronger.

Hydrate yourself – not with alcohol, but with water!
Men take it as a ‘swag’ to consume alcohol, but often miss the optimal quota of water intake. To maintain your beard and to ensure that it doesn’t look like a rough bunch of hairs, proper intake of water is necessary. Water also helps in keeping the skin hydrated, so no flaky skin in the beard region.

Use shampoo and conditioner for your beards.
Washing your beard is a must, you surely don’t want your beard to look like a patch of dirty hair with an awful smell! And that’s why, washing your beard with a carefully chosen beard shampoo is important, not your regular body soap. And if you are growing your beard long and thick, using a conditioner after you used shampoo, will keep your beard composed.

Trim your beard regularly.
You may not want to shave off your beard, but there’s no harm in trimming your beard now and then. Trimming regularly, not only helps maintain the perfect beard shape, but it also ensures that the split ends of your beard are gone, much like your hair on your head (if you have any that is 😉 ). And don’t just use scissors for the purpose. I prefer high-quality beard trimmers that can give you the perfect shape, very easily.

Using products for your beards.
You can keep your beard healthy and well maintained with products specially made for the purpose, like beard oil. Search for a good beard oil that suits you and apply it onto your beard to retain its shine and protect it from pollution, sweat, etc.

You can also use a comb to untangle your beard any time you feel that it is going out of control. This is most important for men who want to grow a long, thick beard.



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