Do Women Find Man With Beards Attractive?

Yes Woman Do Like Beard A Lot

Being a person who sports a nice patch of well trimmed, glossy beard, I am often flooded with questions from boys and men alike, about my facial hair and the most common questions are whether women like beards or find bearded men attractive. I have been asked this so many times, which I almost started believing that men want to grow and keep a beard just to find a cute girl for themselves.

Over the time, I realized that this was indeed an important reason why men wanted to maintain a beard apart from the machismo factor.
Now coming to the main question

Do women find beards attractive?

Well, the answer is neither a straight ‘yes’ or a straight ‘no’, it really varies from woman to woman, depending on their perspectives, choices, and preferences.

Beard – eww!
Lots of women like perfectly clean shaven men, no beard, and no mustache at all. For them, any kind of facial hair could be a real turn off and if you are amongst women who have such preferences, then you will be highly unattractive to them. Beard can often be a deal breaker if your partner doesn’t like facial hair at all.

Stubble – fine! Longbeard – no!
Then again, there is a vast section of women who do like some facial hair, but only ‘some’. Like, you may have a nice stubble with a clean neckline, a beautiful mustache, and well-trimmed sideburns and that will be attractive to such women. But if your beard is long and thick, with thick mustaches and sideburns, these women will start feeling that it’s too much and in fact, much more than their taste permits them and soon go cold with you. For such women, well groomed and short beard is the perfect turn on and attraction factor.

Hmmm… its quite long!
Many women like the feel of a long beard on their fingertips (while sensually nurturing them) and for such women, long beards are a sure attraction. If you are around such women or the person you like has a similar taste, your beard can be the winner for you.

I like it different!
That being said, women are entirely driven by their choices, and there are more women than you would care to accept, who like beards on men only if it is something unique or makes the man look kickass. For such women, your beard will be attractive only if yours is different – in shape, color, appearance or whatever. For such women, shapes like goatees, horseshoes, spaghetti, Balbo, mutton chops, etc may be attractive. But you have to be confident enough if you want to sport such styles, or you may look goofy.

The main thing here is that you need to understand what women around you prefer and what looks best on you. If you can make your beard be something that fits both criteria, you are a sure winner. So, understand what’s best for you and get ready to rock it with your looks!



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