The JPT-BT100 Beard Trimmer By J Trim Review

Any form of facial hair style can look good – either a square beard or a classic French cut– but one thing that’s common for every kind of facial hair is the fact that they require maintenance. And a trimmer is the one product you should invest in when it comes to grooming your beard or moustache. For a lot of men out there, facial hair compliments their manliness and they wear it with great pride. Women too, find it hard to resist the rugged and sexy look of a bearded man. But, finding the perfect trimmer has turned out to be a daunting task indeed. So, I have rolled out a review of the JTrim JPT-BT 100 trimmer, which will certainly grab your attention.

Elegant design will look at home on your bathroom counter.
The JPT-BT100 from JTrim will look beautiful on your bathroom counter. Its sleek, ergonomic design will suit any environment and it’s not bulky or unsightly. It comes in warm, rich copper and sits on a white rechargeable base. When I purchased this, I was entranced by the simplicity and elegance of this trimmer.

Hypo-allergenic blades prevent chafing and ingrown hairs.
How often have you put off trimming your beard because you can’t go through the pain? A lot of other trimmers – when you trim close to the skin – pull and tug the hair before cutting it! You won’t have to suffer that way anymore with this trimmer. It features sharp blades that won’t pull and cut your skin as you’re trimming. So with the JTrim’s trimmer at your behest, you can bid adieu to painful trimming for good.


Wireless and portable.
When you take this trimmer out of the box, the instructions recommend charging it for 9 hours. Once charged – you can use it about six times for about 50 minutes each, before having to charge it again. The rechargeable base serves as a cradle for the trimmer but you don’t have to have the cord plugged in so you won’t be knocking it over all the time. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve knocked the charger over of my last beard trimmer as the cord is bulky and because it didn’t hold the charge for longer than an hour, it had to be perpetually plugged in. The other good thing about having a wireless trimmer like the JPT-BT100 is the ease of use. You’re no longer thwarted by not being able to trim at the correct angle because the cord won’t stretch that far!



Features six settings for versatile trimming or shaving.
The JPT-BT100 comes with the ability of six hair length settings for a custom trim or close cut. You have the freedom to choose from 5/8 of an inch for longer beards that you just want to keep tidy to 1/8 of an inch for close to the skin contact or anywhere in between. This fantastic little trimmer can also be used to trim your eyebrows, sideburns and moustache so you’ll always look clean and tidy.

Lightweight and easy to use.
Guys – you know how sometimes the weight of a beard trimmer causes your hand to ache long before you’ve finished trimming? You won’t have that problem with JTrim’s; this is a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre trimmer! As discussed, so far it has a smooth and ergonomic shape to facilitate the best possible trim that you need! Some other beard trimmers are so big and bulky that it’s hard to get just the right angle, with this trimmer you can get to any angle that you want without compromising on features. My father-in-law was given this trimmer as a gift and as he’s in his 80’s and not quite as precise as he used to be, he also found this trimmer excellent for him. His hands shake a little bit and he used to find that other trimmers got a little bit too close for comfort sometimes as they were heavy and hard to manoeuvre.

Durability and maintenance.
The JPT-BT100 is a high-quality beard trimmer which will stand the test of time. Like any quality product, it’s worth to do a little bit of maintenance to keep this trimmer in tip-top condition. Along with the trimmer itself and the rechargeable base, you also receive a small bottle of oil to keep the blades clean and in pristine form. Also in the package is a little brush to get any hairs out that get stuck to the blades.

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Price and availability.
The JPT-BT100 is available from online retailers such as Amazon and various other dealers such as Ebay and Fishpond. The price is outstandingly low for such a brilliant product. The price really varies so click here to see what it cost today, shipping within USA in less than three days or if you live overseas takes a little longer, depending on where you live and what shipping method you choose.

In conclusion.
If you are looking for a beard trimmer that does much more than its name suggests, you’ve found the right product! Let’s go over the main points again: if you are looking for a beard trimmer that does much more than its name suggests, you’ve found the right product! Let’s go over the main points again:

  • No more itching from chafing or ingrown hairs and no more pain from tugging and pulling.
  • Wireless and portable – you can take it on family vacations or work trips without having to take a suitcase of accessories with you.
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to use for longer periods of time; your hand doesn’t ache from supporting a heavy and bulky trimmer.

The JPT-BT100 Beard Trimmer is a good value,
a durable trimmer that will stand the test of time.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants the best when it comes to trimming, sculpting, designing, eyebrow shaping, sideburn-trimming; honestly, you really can’t go wrong with the JPT-BT100!

The only thing that you can’t do with this trimmer is taking it into the shower – it’s not waterproof – but for one downside and many upsides, I would still treat this trimmer as one of the best we’ve ever tried. So don’t keep waiting! Go ahead and buy this for yourself of gift this to a loved one.


2 thoughts on “The JPT-BT100 Beard Trimmer By J Trim Review

  1. Rosalie says:

    Very informative post Brad. I want to buy one for my hubby; he keeps clinging to his old trimmer which is as good as dead. Well, this one seems like a great option with a bouquet of features. Your review nearly convinced me to buy it but it since the brand name is a little unknown to me, I held myself back. Can you suggest me whether or not to go for it?

  2. Brad says:

    Hi Rosalie
    Don’t let the unknown brand hold you back, it comes with a 30-day free trial and one year warranty, I’ll promise you, you won’t be disappointed

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