How To Trim And Shape A Beard?

Learn the different ways to trim your beard

How To Trim And Shape A Beard?

When I started growing my facial hair in the initial years of my teens, I didn’t give much thought to the beard shape. All I wanted was that my beard grew nice and fast! But with the passage of a few years, and quite a few times of shaving my –what i humorously will call a– beard off altogether. (because I believed that shaving a lot would make my facial hair grow better).

learn to trim your beard with a trimmer in various styles

My beard finally started showing the signs that I have been craving for my whole teens. It started growing thicker, darker and longer than just a stubble beard.

Finally, when it was more than an inch long, I felt the need to trim and shape it, for some areas weren’t on par with the other regions of my beard. I searched the internet a lot; i read the forums, asked local barbers, experts at men’s salons and i even bought some fashion magazines, and i learnt a lot about how to trim and shape my beard. I applied all i learned (well, most of it anyway) and added a few tweaks over the years that i came up with myself, and now i have a well-trimmed, professional looking beard – liked by women and envied by men.

So, here are a few things that you should know if you want to have a nice looking beard at all times:

  • Deciding the shape of your beard is the first thing that you need to do. While growing a long beard is an achievement, yet it may not look good on you at all. Your beard must be something that compliments and adds to your looks. So, decide a beard shape according to your persona.

  • Next, you should decide how to match your beard shape with your haircut. Try out a few alterations or ask an expert how to establish a nice look.

  • If you have a long beard and want to shape it, you need one of those beard trimmers that have a long neck. Comb your beard thoroughly and run the trimmer slowly over the areas or lengths that you want to go. This will take a lot of your patience, and if done well, will give you a great look.

  • For those with short beard, trimming it to the proper shape is quite easy, but do not press on your beard too much as you might trim off more than you need.

  • When you’re done with trimming, you can use products like beard oil to untangle any beard strands (in case you have a long beard) and smooth out the edges of the hair follicles with a light massage.

  • After you have shaved off the hair from regions that you want hair free, use a safety razor that will define the outline of your beard. Using mustache wax is also helpful for giving the beard a perfect shape.

  • Forming the region of your sideburns and the neck is also important to give your beard a clean, neat shape. Use clippers (very cautiously) to create a nice tapering sideburn. Also, the neckline needs to be drawn quite skillfully, and you should neither overdo it or move around with a neckbeard.

  • All that done, use your hands to smooth out your beard and give it a cool sculpting.

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