What Is The Purpose Of A Beard, Beside Looking Great?

The Men and His Beard

Beards – whether long, short, rare or uniquely shaped – is something that most men treasure and think to be an indispensable part of their personality, get up and stature and to be true, it really is! A properly maintained, a well-shaped beard is something that every man would treasure and that’s not in vain. a beard has several purposes in a man’s life and in the years that I have zealously guarded and cared for my beard, I have understood that these purposes are not just petty matters but important enough to ‘make’ a man.

Adds to your personality
The first and foremost reason for men to grow a beard, whatever type it may be, is to add to his persona.

It is the beard that makes the biker,  the football player or the pirate look like a guy you shouldn’t be messing with, After all, what is Captain Jack Sparrow without his famous goatee or Hans Gruber without his neat, smooth beard! Enough to say that beard can actually make or break your personality and if you can find the right match for your face type and body stature, you are the winner, but if you can’t find your beard you will look like an idiot, like these guys


Attracting the opposite sex
Whether we accept it or nor, men always want to be attractive to the opposite sex  and one of the easiest ways to do that is to have a beard, i know from my own experiences that a lot of woman loves men with a good looking beard, when i grew out my beard even in the beginning i got more attention from woman then i did with my boldface.

But you will need to grow a beard that fits our face or else you won’t get play at all :). It is a 100% truth that most women prefer beards (though in various forms and shapes) and beards do, in fact, as a turn on for a majority of women. So, just have the right beard and the battle for the females, with the right beard is half the battle won in your favour!

Weird as it may seem, but a nicely done, well-matched beard can give a great boost off confidence. When you see people around you, women as well as men with approving looks, or even a little jealousness, you immediately know that you have something that people look up to and you start feeling more confident about how you look and how you carry yourself. This greatly impacts your behavior and body language, thereby making you more acceptable amongst people.

Enhances your looks
Apart from adding to your persona, a beard can also make you look different. When done right, a beard gives an impression of masculinity, strength, and firmness. It makes you appear sophisticated  and sturdy, giving people around you an impression of a person to rely on and look up to!

Health benefits
Having a beard also has its own health benefits. It delays wrinkles, protects from allergens, UV rays and also cold. It also helps keep the skin moist and youthful. Acne and razor rashes can also be kept at bay with ease.

And to top it all, keeping a beard will save you a lot of time, time that you would otherwise spend shaving and washing. So, keeping a beard is a sure winner!



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