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How To Trim And Shape A Beard?

Learn the different ways to trim your beard

How To Trim And Shape A Beard? When I started growing my facial hair in the initial years of my teens, I didn’t give much thought to the beard shape. All I wanted was that my beard grew nice and fast! But with the passage of a few years, and quite a few times of shaving […]

Precision and Comfort Trimming Is Just a Step Away with the Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer


Panasonic ER GB80 S Trimmer Review. The one thing that plays a decisive role between an average trim and a perfect trim is the tool used. With the Panasonic ER GB80 S, there is little room for doubt about the quality of experience. Crafted with excellent ergonomics and precision blades, this is the reason why […]

The JPT-BT100 Beard Trimmer By J Trim Review

Any form of facial hair style can look good – either a square beard or a classic French cut– but one thing that’s common for every kind of facial hair is the fact that they require maintenance. And a trimmer is the one product you should invest in when it comes to grooming your beard […]

Beards – The Ultimate Sign of Machismo!

How-To Maintain-Your-Beard

Beards – the ultimate sign of machismo! We all know that, but does it look good when you have rough, sticky, lack- luster beard? Well, to me, that’s a disaster, and I surely believe that it would be pretty much same for all men out there who do care about their beards. While keeping facial […]

Do Women Find Man With Beards Attractive?

Yes Woman Do Like Beard A Lot

Being a person who sports a nice patch of well trimmed, glossy beard, I am often flooded with questions from boys and men alike, about my facial hair and the most common questions are whether women like a beard or find bearded men attractive. I have been asked this so many times, which I almost started believing that men want to grow and keep a beard just to find a cute girl for themselves.