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Day to Day Living with a Beard


Once you’ve grown a beard, there’s a lot you need to think about – aside from how awesome you look. Your beard is not just a fashion accessory that you can take on and off at will. Your beard is literally part of you, and for that reason you need to take care of it […]

What Is The Purpose Of A Beard, Beside Looking Great?

The Men and His Beard

Beards – whether long, short, rare or uniquely shaped – is something that most men treasure and think to be an indispensable part of their personality, get up and stature and to be true, it really is! A properly maintained, a well-shaped beard is something that every man would treasure and that’s not in vain. […]

How To Trim And Shape A Beard?

Learn the different ways to trim your beard

How To Trim And Shape A Beard? When I started growing my facial hair in the initial years of my teens, I didn’t give much thought to the beard shape. All I wanted was that my beard grew nice and fast! But with the passage of a few years, and quite a few times of shaving […]

Beards – The Ultimate Sign of Machismo!

How-To Maintain-Your-Beard

Beards – the ultimate sign of machismo! We all know that, but does it look good when you have rough, sticky, lack- luster beard? Well, to me, that’s a disaster, and I surely believe that it would be pretty much same for all men out there who do care about their beards. While keeping facial […]