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Day to Day Living with a Beard


Once you’ve grown a beard, there’s a lot you need to think about – aside from how awesome you look. Your beard is not just a fashion accessory that you can take on and off at will. Your beard is literally part of you, and for that reason you need to take care of it […]

REVIEW: The Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement For The happy Beards

Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement For The happy Beards

Beard Grow XL | Facial Hair Supplement  Are you disappointed in your facial hair? You want to sport a fancy goatee, a square beard or a full beard. But it just won’t grow. Well, if that’s the case you might want to get a bottle of beard growing pills that doubles up as a facial […]

Do Women Find Man With Beards Attractive?

Yes Woman Do Like Beard A Lot

Being a person who sports a nice patch of well trimmed, glossy beard, I am often flooded with questions from boys and men alike, about my facial hair and the most common questions are whether women like a beard or find bearded men attractive. I have been asked this so many times, which I almost started believing that men want to grow and keep a beard just to find a cute girl for themselves.

The Philips QT4090 Beard Trimmer Review

Philips QT4090/32

Philips QT4090 Review The brand name Philips hardly demands any introduction to the world. For decades, Philips has been at the forefront of manufacturing home appliances of the highest standards. Quite naturally, when this manufacturing giant decided to enter the realm of personal care products, people all over the world were quite excited to try […]