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What Is The Purpose Of A Beard, Beside Looking Great?

The Men and His Beard

Beards – whether long, short, rare or uniquely shaped – is something that most men treasure and think to be an indispensable part of their personality, get up and stature and to be true, it really is! A properly maintained, a well-shaped beard is something that every man would treasure and that’s not in vain. […]

Do Women Find Man With Beards Attractive?

Yes Woman Do Like Beard A Lot

Being a person who sports a nice patch of well trimmed, glossy beard, I am often flooded with questions from boys and men alike, about my facial hair and the most common questions are whether women like a beard or find bearded men attractive. I have been asked this so many times, which I almost started believing that men want to grow and keep a beard just to find a cute girl for themselves.